Website Design

Make a great first impression

Just as a warm smile makes a good first impression on visitors at your place of business, an attractive and well designed website invites people in and portrays a professional image. Let iLab New Media put a new face on your business website and make a great impression on visitors.

Think quickly

Research has revealed that the typical person takes just 1/20th of a second to form an opinion about your website, and by extension your company. Visitors to your website are making judgments about your business in the blink of an eye, just 50 milliseconds! iLab New Media creates great looking web designs that will keep your visitors from moving on to your competition’s website.

What’s under your hood?

Good website design is more than just pretty pictures, your website needs plenty of horsepower as well. At iLab New Media we optimize all of the websites we produce for the fastest possible download time and work diligently to make sure that your website will perform well on all major browsers and platforms as well as rank highly on search engines.

All this and a bag of chips, too!

In addition to creating attractive, usable, and powerful websites, we offer customer service that is second to none. We are not successful until you are successful so we are a partner in the success of your website, give us a call anytime and we would be glad to discuss your website without cost.

What next?

Our web design process begins with getting to know you and your business so we can craft a solution to fit your unique needs. today to set up your free consultation. Let us show you how the web can make your business stronger and more profitable.