Internet Marketing

You didn’t spend all that money on your new website so it can just sit there and gather dust. Like an employee, your website needs to get out there and earn its keep. In order to bring in new business your website needs internet marketing services.

It is sometimes assumed that once a website is designed and put on the internet that people will begin streaming to it, that is seldom the case. If you plan on using your website to attract new business then it needs internet marketing to be truly successful. Studies have shown that most web searchers don’t get past the second page of search results, so your site’s search engine ranking cannot be left to chance.

Let us sharpen your code

iLab New Media makes it easy and affordable for you to make your website visible to millions of potential visitors. We offer search engine optimized code, monthly search ranking reports, search engine submission and affiliate link building among other SEO services to boost your website’s search engine ranking. We have over 10 years of experience as an internet marketing company and in that time we have built up a track record of successful clients with successful websites.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

If you are interested in getting good, fast results for your internet marketing, then pay-per-click advertising will deliver what you are looking for. A recent study indicated that pay-per-click ads accounted for 64.6% of all clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches. Even if you are doing great in the organic search ranking, pay-per-click can increase your traffic considerably. The best thing about pay per click is that you pay only for results, how many other marketing channels can offer that?

Social Media Marketing

Social media can give your web traffic a big boost. We can set up your social media accounts to look as great as your website and can even manage your posts for you.

Let’s Talk Internet Marketing

to set up a free consultation. We will provide you with information regarding the number of searches performed for keywords related to your industry and recommend ways for you to capitalize on these.