Web Services Offered by iLab

We are not an internet service provider, we don’t offer computer networking, print design or video production services, we do one thing and we do it well, create successful web sites. At iLab New Media we strive for excellence in website design and we offer a full range of web design services to make your website successful.

Web Services Critical to Website Success

To create successful websites we focus on the following four web design services:

  • Web Design making your website look great. A positive business image, intuitive navigation, fast loading graphics and optimized for different browsers and operating systems.
  • Web Development making your website work. This includes content management systems, e-commerce stores, contact forms and other items that need programming.
  • Internet Marketing helping people find your website. This includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, local search marketing and social media marketing.
  • Mobile Design websites optimized for phones and other small screens. With the array of internet enabled devices out there today, your site needs to deliver a great experience to all potential customers.

Free Website Services

We offer a couple of services that will cost you nothing.

  • Free consultation – Whether you need help strategizing about your website or just want to pick our brains, to schedule a free consultation.
  • Free website evaluation – Want the honest truth about your current website? We will run it through our 10 point inspection and give you the results, no cost to you and no obligation involved.

Focus on Your Business

We have been helping businesses make a success of the web for over 10 years and have literally worked on hundreds of websites for businesses of all types. Chances are we have helped a business just like yours to profit from the web. Our web design services and process are structures to focus on your business needs, everything is done to your unique specifications and business goals. Adding our expertise in web services to your own expertise in your industry is a proven formula for success.

How can we help you?

Maybe you aren’t exactly sure what web design services you will need, don’t worry, we are expert at helping you figure out what your website needs. Most websites require a combination of these services. to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.