Cheesy Web Marketing Example

While checking the SERPs for some keywords I am trying to compete on I saw an interesting result, someone advertising for “$295 Sierra Vista Website” and I though I would investigate since I was not aware of a business in Sierra Vista, Arizona called “SimpleNerds” offering web design services. Below is a screenshot of what I found.

Sierra Vista web design

Now to be fair it’s not unusual for companies in any part of the country to represent themselves as local businesses online, and some go to ridiculous lengths to appear local. Yet this one is laughable for the lack of effort made, take a look at the query string.¬†kw=sierra%20vista%20web%20design basically just passing in the text they want to show at the top of this page, so they can use the same page for any city they want to market for, or any service for that matter. So I thought we might have some fun with them and pass in a more interesting text to display.

we suck at web design

You can have a lot of fun with a page like this. Use the form below to add your own message to their page.