Why A Business Needs a Website

A web site is one of those things that a business often puts off until the last, and then only after pondering whether they would rather have a website or a second fax machine. Yet some of these same companies will spend the price of a website on marketing every month, all the while doing without the most powerful marketing tool they could have, a website. I’m here to tell you that a truly profitable and successful website is within your grasp. Does your business need a website? Any business can profit from a well thought out, professional website, some types of businesses more than others, but all can profit from a good website.

Set your skepticism aside for a moment as we lay out 10 reasons why a business needs a website.

  1. It will promote your business to new prospects 24 hours a day.
  2. It present a professional business image.
  3. It allows you to quickly and inexpensively communicate with customers and business prospects.
  4. It can provide 24/7 customer service and support.
  5. It will allow your business to reach out to customers around the world.
  6. It will help build your brand.
  7. It can provide product information to interested ones anywhere, anytime.
  8. It can sell product or services for you while you’re asleep, or playing golf or whatever.
  9. It will save you time and money; no printing and mailing out information, instead direct them to your website, fewer phone calls for orders or trivial information when these things are available on your website.
  10. It will give you and edge on your competition.

These are just the basics though, the possibilities are endless, what could your business do with online collaboration, event management or online data management applications? Think about showcasing your best work on your website, or having an email newsletter to keep customers and prospects informed on your latest sales and services offered.

So why does a business need a website? Well, does a business need more customers, does a business need happier customers, does a business need to save money on marketing materials and mailings?