Why not use a template based website instead of hiring an expensive designer?

Good question, actually there are good reasons for each of the above options. I encourage people to use low cost template solutions all the time even though I am an “expensive designer”.

It really all comes down to business priorities related to the following two items

Business Image

A well designed, custom website really goes a long way towards establishing you as a successful, professional business, while a template website always looks like a template website.


Sometimes the custom designed website is out of your budget, and in that case a template based website is better than no website at all.

We can approach this question from the other side as well and ask “when would a template based website be the best solution for me and my business?”

Top 5 Indicators That a Template Based Website Is For Me.

  1. I print my business cards on my desktop printer using perforated sheets.
  2. I have been known to show up to business meetings in flip-flops.
  3. My business is just starting out and we barely have enough money to turn on the lights.
  4. Our competitors strive to be the best, our goal is to be the cheapest.
  5. My 12 year old designed our logo in MS Paint.

Okay, that was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the point I am making is that sometimes business image takes a backseat to other, more important priorities like budget. Many very successful businesses never think twice about business image and who am I to argue with their success? But if you are interested in standing out from your competition and making the best impression possible, then a custom designed website is the way to go.

Real Cost

When you put it in perspective the price of a custom designed website is not so much for an item that you buy once and own forever. The cost of the average custom designed website amortized over 5 years comes out to around $60 a month, many businesses spend much more than that every month for print advertising.

Feel free to use our “Get a quote” tab above to see how our prices compare to a template based website. There is no obligation or high pressure sales tactics involved.