iLab Web Redesign 4.0

Early this morning the newest incarnation of iLab New Media went online. This latest design improves on the last in many way (in my opinion). The last design was new in August but never really lived up to my original vision, maybe because I just never took the time to polish it up, I spent some time recently thinking about what I could do to make it better and ended up by just scrapping it and starting over.

Check out these features in the new design:

  • Handy quote form – never more than a menu slide away on any page.
  • Sweet portfolio, just as convenient as the quote form and with BIG screenshots available.
  • Nice big splash screen on the home page.
  • Changeable backgrounds.

This site does not support Internet Explorer 6, it is literally chuck full of alpha-transparent pngs and I am making no effort to swap them out. According to Google Analytics IE6 makes up for less than 1% of my web visitors.