About iLab New Media

Our Approach

iLab New Media specializes in quality, custom design work, attention to detail and superb customer service. Beinga small business, I don’t take on every project that comes my way, I give each website my full attention and create a product I can be proud of.

I work closely with my clients with the goal of making them happy and successful, this approach has created many loyal customers over the years. My clients range from small startups to large corporations, some are local businesses here in Cochise County while others are from all over the country.

I think of myself as a craftsman, definitely not one of those web design companies that mass produce websites, I custom craft each website to meet your unique business needs, much as a cabinetmaker would build cabinets to go in your house or a tailor would fit a suit of clothes to your body.

My Story

Andy Ward, Owner iLab New Media

My name is Andy Ward, I started iLab New Media in Sierra Vista, Arizona way back on 2000 as “Web Foundry Design”, I moved to Tucson and took up the name iLab New Media in 2004. In 2006 I purchased Liquid Design in Redding, California and did business under that name until 2008, today I am back in Southeast Arizona. Although my clients are all over the country I regularly meet with local clients anywhere in Southeast Arizona from Tucson to Douglas for free consultations about their business and websites.

Get Started Today

Go ahead and look at some of the other web design companies in the area, I am convinced that I offer better quality work at the most reasonable prices. When you are ready, to schedule a free consultation. Whether you are just getting started on the web or have a fully operational site already online, we offer a free, comprehensive website evaluation so you can focus on the immediate and future needs of your business.