Video Killed the Radio Star etc.

I cut my web design teeth on the early internet, inspired by such as the book Creating Killer Websites by David Spiegel. What a time the late 90s and early 2000s were to be a web designer, so much excitement and creativity, I dreamed of making beautiful and functional websites. But those days are gone forever.

Twitter effectively killed website creativity with Bootstrap and Squarespace killed small business web design with easy template based websites. Today's web designers have my sympathy, forced to churn out uncreative cookie cutter websites, no functionality is ever custom coded but comes from some widget in a CMS or framework. HTML used to be something we wrote by hand and were proud of, most web designers today not only don't write HTML by hand, many aren't even fluent in HTML!

My web design enterprise rode the wave of web design until it crashed into the coast of uncreative and uninspired code in the late 20 teens. At first I took a job doing web development for "the man" but that did not scratch my creative itch and just made me feel like a cog in the machine that the internet had become. Today I still perform some web maintenance and I still service my web hosting clients but I am mostly an online pottery teacher.

Contact Me

If you need to get in touch with me about web hosting, maintenance or anything else, you can email me using the contact form on my pottery website. You can also call me at 520-743-6555 or snail mail me at PO Box 43601 Tucson, AZ 85733.

Andy Ward
former web designer