Tucson’s hardest working web designer.

How can I make that claim? Because I talk to clients all the time who say that their web designer never returns their phone calls or takes a week to respond to emails. Have been in the web design business for over 20 years and I know what its like to run a business. You need to be able to focus on running your business and not worry about technical difficulties, so you need to have a web designer you can depend on to take care of presenting your business online. That is why I promise to return your phone calls and emails the same day.

iLab New Media is a Tucson, Arizona web design firm that works with businesses around the country. Our specialty is the design and development of custom WordPress websites. The websites we develop are all designed to:

  • Look great
  • Load fast
  • Work across a range of browsers and devices
  • Perform well in web searches
  • Bring in new business


Custom Web Design

Wordpress Development

Mobile Development

Search Engine Optimization


Marketing on the cheap

Marketing on a Shoestring

A great blog post this morning over at A VC blog about marketing on a small budget. In a nutshell it is Ask existing customers for leads Establish yourself as an expert Leverage social media Establish an email newsletter Cold call We can help you with items 2, 3 and 4 above. Give iLab New …

Sierra Vista web design SERPS

Cheesy Web Marketing Example

While checking the SERPs for some keywords I am trying to compete on I saw an interesting result, someone advertising for “$295 Sierra Vista Website” and I though I would investigate since I was not aware of a business in Sierra Vista, Arizona called “SimpleNerds” offering web design services. Below is a screenshot of what …

Why use a template based website?

Why not use a template based website instead of hiring an expensive designer?

Good question, actually there are good reasons for each of the above options. I encourage people to use low cost template solutions all the time even though I am an “expensive designer”. It really all comes down to business priorities related to the following two items Business Image A well designed, custom website really goes …

What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

In order to have your website available online 24-7 it needs to be on a computer that is connected to the internet at all times, this computer is called a web server. You could have your own web server in your office, and larger companies often do this, but there are security and maintenance concerns to …