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Goodbye Flash, you will be missed

Goodbye Flash

We met shortly after I started doing web design, the hours we spent together starting in the summer of 2001 were golden. With Flash by my side I was able wow clients and create amazing web interfaces. Flash was a part of almost every web design I created, usually not the major part but often a significant part, the navigation bar, a slide show or a news ticker, there was usually some place for Flash in every website. In 2002 we created the Project Manager for URS Baton Rouge, an amazing web based application that was really ahead of its time with an entirely Flash front-end. When I left the corporate world and struck out on my own Flash was my constant companion, making me look good and winning me jobs. I thought that Flash and I were inseparable, I was wrong.

Far away in Cupertino, California my relationship with Flash was being plotted against and I didn’t even know it. When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at MacWorld 2007 without Flash, I was there, at MacWorld that day, salivating and marveling at the iPhone and I didn’t know it meant the end of my partnership with Flash. Oh it took years for it all to unfold but it happened, as iOS become more common Flash became less relevant and more of an online liability. Other operating systems have cropped up copying iOS and bringing with them more difficulties in porting Flash, (it just doesn’t lend itself to touch screen interfaces very well).

Now our breakup is complete. The latest iteration of my website contains absolutely no Flash for the first time in over 10 years. Really how could I continue to use Flash when a growing number of my website visitors do not have Flash, as of this writing 7.23% of visitors to this website do not have Flash. Flash has been largely replaced by jQuery, which really offers 90% or better of what I was using Flash for, simple animations and sending/receiving data from the server. I will still offer Flash design/development but I expect to get less and less calls for it, Flash is not dead yet but it is ill and is not expected to recover.

Goodbye Flash, we had a good run and did amazing things together.

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About Andy Ward

I have been working in the field of web design and development since before 2000. I believe in crafting quality websites that are engaging and profitable for their owners. I give out a lot of free advice to business owners so feel free to contact me about how to make the most of the web.

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