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Why isn’t my website showing up in Google?

why my website isn't on Google?

It can take weeks for a new website to appear in the search engines and often many more months before you are in a reasonable position as regards search engine results pages. Even if you paid a lot for SEO services you will have to be patient before you see results. We often expect to get results on the internet instantly, but I am afraid that in this case change happens at a snail’s pace.

So chances are if your website isn’t showing up in Google it’s probably just too new. However if your website is not new then it is possible there is something wrong. Websites can be blocked from Google because they contain malware or can be banned from Google for engaging in black-hat SEO techniques.

Contact iLab New Media for a free consultation and we can run the problem down and let you know why your website isn’t showing up in Google with no obligation and no high-pressure sales.

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I have been working in the field of web design and development since before 2000. I believe in crafting quality websites that are engaging and profitable for their owners. I give out a lot of free advice to business owners so feel free to contact me about how to make the most of the web.

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